The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Winter Tree ID

I went out with Maya last night to do some Tree ID homework out in Lester Park. With winter tree ID, you have to look at leaf scars, buds, bundle scars, lenticels and more:


I’m not yet at the point where I could ID this bud without seeing more of the branch it was growing on, but apparently different trees have different numbers of bundle scars on their leaf scars, the leaf scar will either stick out or not, the end bud will either be in line with the twig or an offshoot, there may be thorns, there may be catkins… you get the idea.

So I was taking pictures of both the tree and the buds, but all the pictures ended up being too fuzzy to be useful. Oh well. And Maya was a big yutz – I had her on her leash, and she kept getting her leash all tangled up in every little shrub and branch. Well, at least she had fun.


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