The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

First Run of the Year

I went for my first outside run of the year yesterday. Just a quickie – 1.5 miles to get the legs warmed up.

Every year, I run too far, too fast, too soon, and I end up injured. This year will be different – I’m going to slowly ramp up.

Maya and I ran over to Lester Park and avoided the mud and ice as we headed up the snowmobile trail. We weren’t a quarter mile up the trail when a kid on a snowmobile came screaming down and around the corner. Luckily, they’re easy to hear, so we moved off the trail into the snow and watched him go by. He was heading down into Lester Park’s playground area, where there was NO snow, so I figured he’d be back.

Back to running.

Sure enough, about a minute later, he came zooming past the other way.

I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing many more snowmobilers this winter.

And, it was nice to get a run on the trail before it turns to muck.


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