The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Bike Fenders

I just picked up some Planet Bike fenders for my commuter bike. Picked them up from Nashbar.


No soap. They don’t fit. The read fender rubs the wheel, and I didn’t realize it from the picture, but these are partial fenders – they don’t cover as much of the tire as a normal fender would. That just won’t do.

My commuter is a 1990 GT Triple Triangle. All steel, with 700×35 tires and Suntour components. It’s a decent commuter, but it must have some funky dimensions, because I have a hard time fitting things to it. This will be the third set of fenders that don’t fit.

I picked up my previous pair of fenders from Ski Hut, and those wouldn’t even fit through the front fork.

So back to Nashbar these new fenders go. What a pain. I keep wondering when it’ll be time to pick up a new junker bike. Every time this bike costs me more than $25 dollars, I start thinking about bike shopping…

I like having an old and ugly beater bike. I just wish it had an easier time fitting parts.


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