The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Lester Park Scavenger Hunt

I took a walk through Lester Park this afternoon.

I believe it’s regional name is ‘The Shallows’ (vs. ‘The Deeps’), but my family calls this ‘The Cliffs of Insanity’:


You can still walk up the side of the waterfall, but not for much longer, I think.

Spring is bustin’ out all over…


I found a hornet’s nest melting through the snow. Not sure how it got here…


The woodpeckers have been busy:


Any similar tree will do.

Barbecue, anyone?


Snowshoe hare at the limit of my camera’s zoom’s range:


Good luck finding him.

If you bike or run on the singletrack along the Amity Creek, you’ve probably seen this. Have a seat:

img_25821And finally, here’s a new development:

img_2588Smokey the Bear would not be happy, but if you’ve followed me so far, this shouldn’t be hard to find.

Good luck!


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