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Audubon Center of the North Woods

Tomorrow, I have my first practicum of the summer, down at the Audubon Center of the North Woods, and I don’t know entirely what to expect.

ACNW building

This is the last class that I will be taking entirely for free, with the Regent’s Scholarship. After this, I pay 25% of every credit (which is still a good deal).

My instructor, Ken, says that the ACNW is THE place to go for a practicum experience. Hartley is certainly much closer, but it will be interesting to see what other places are doing and have to offer. The biggest downer is the length of the drive to get there – a good 90 minutes (ugh). The upside of the downer is that it will give me a great opportunity to listen to a bunch of great podcasts. The three series I’m most looking forward to listening to are To the Best of Our Knowledge, TED Talks and Radio Lab. I always save those up, and this will be a great chance to listen to them.

For now, my plan is to shadow staff, learn about how they manage their facility, and hopefully help do some teaching. Of course, everything could change once I actually get there, but that’s fine – sometimes it’s more fun when you have no expectations.

Here’s looking forward to new adventures!


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