The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Lester Park, Pre-Solstice

I made it out for a hobble through Lester Park on Sunday morning. Since I broke my foot, getting out has been WAY too difficult. Slowly, too slowly, I’m getting back to where I was.

The ski trail is actually a hiking trail at this point, and Maya and I left it fairly quickly. We ventured off into the woods, followed deer trails until they disappeared, then wandered until we found new ones.

Birch Back Snagged

There was a lot of evidence of activity down on the Lester River. I’m not quite ready to walk on it yet, so whoever made these tracks will stay anonymous for now…

Morning Rounds

Maya, charging hard, coming back from investigation:

Here’s the ski trail at the ‘B’ intersection. Not much to write home about yet:

We found a hairy woodpecker looking for his second breakfast:

I like seeing how hard they push their tail against the trunk when they’re working. Until we were down in the lower section, we didn’t hear or see any other birds. Down there, we heard chickadees and nuthatches and crows.

We saw a trio of MTBers enjoying the trail system. I look forward to riding again someday…  Eventually, we made our way home.

Nice to be back at Lester.


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