The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

A Sand County Almanac

Do you think this is a popular book, maybe? These were the printings I found after a very quick search.I wouldn’t be surprised to find another half dozen versions out there.

Anyway, I’m halfway done with this one (I’ve been reading the first one on this list, if you’re curious). I had started it before the semester, but my reading this semester quickly turned to ALL research articles and textbooks, and pleasure reading took a back seat. Now that the semester is over, I’m happily back to it. And a good thing – my bedside pile was starting to look a little tipsy.

I think this one should be required reading for all of the students in our program. Maybe it is, at the undergrad level. Maybe I’m just late to the game, and everyone has already been here.

Maybe, but I kinda doubt it.


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