The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Grooming at Bagley

Unfortunately, no one was able to roll the Bagley trails between the first dump of the snowstorm and the second. So today, I was packing it all down. I had deep skied-in tracks to guide my way.

The new snow machine is much easier to use than the old Grizzly. I didn’t have much time on the Grizzly, so I wasn’t particularly melancholic about its final demise. The usual spots where I slide off the trail were a lot easier to stay on track with the Skandic. Oh – and the pick up – yikes! Need to remember not to squeeze too hard!

Lot of branches down on the trail. If I could ski right now, I’d go for a slow tour and pick up sticks the whole time. Oh well.

The view of what’s ahead:

And what’s behind:

You can see on the behind picture that I should have knocked off that ice that built up on the roller. I did on the second pass (and it stayed off), but I guess you live and learn.

I made three passes with the roller, then hooked up the tracksetter for the fourth and final pass. I forgot what a good job the tracksetter does conditioning the snow. In hindsight, I might have only done two loops with the roller, a third loop around with the tracksetter with the tracks up, and then the last loop with the tracks down. Oh well. Anxious to hear how people find it.


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