The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Sunday Walk Through Lester Park

Maya and I spent a couple hours hiking around Lester Park today.

We went in at the top of 60th, where the pair of barky wiener dogs do their valiant best to keep us pesky interlopers from their property. Once we got past them, I let Maya off leash for a few minutes to get her wiggles out:

Super Dog!

Closer over to Seven Bridges Road, now. I love finding these splashes of color out in the woods, where everything else is white and brown:


There really aren’t too many trees that have lichen on them. I tried doing a little online research about lichen to find out way that might be, and guess what – there’s not much out there!

I love it, how the water comes up even when it’s darn cold:


I don’t know if this water was coming up through cracks in the ice, or if it was melt runoff. The former, I think.

This is a picture of frost forming up from a deer’s tracks.

Way cooler in person, but still pretty neat.

This was my favorite find of the day:

And it’s even better up close:

Haven’t figured out what might cause this, but it sure is interesting.

Here’s the top of a balsam that was blown down. You can see the candles that would have formed new cones have all been munched:

[As I review this post, I see that my photo embedding methods still needs a little work.]

One of the things that I see a need for is a way to figure out what all the fun ‘stuff’ is, that you find when you’re out in the woods.


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