The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Thesis Meeting

Met with my thesis advisor today.

Half the meeting was me ranting about discussing some of the things that I had questions about, including a paper last semester and our grant writing seminar this past Monday.

In my paper, I thought I was supposed to give my impression of how closely the RSOP was cleaving to its mission, through the use of several different educational models. Turns out it wasn’t just a ‘my opinion’ exercise. Oh well.

With the grant writing, it was driving me crazy, that we were discussing nuts-and-bolts stuff. I wanted to talk about when to write grants, and who should be writing them.

After I got those out of my system, we briefly discussed the big picture plan for the semester. During my Foundations of Education Research class, I will be creating one possible skeleton for my final research project. Ken asserted multiple times that the class goes too fast to develop any chapters of a thesis. An idea, sure. A skeleton, maybe. But certainly not enough to use and turn in.

In Julie’s class, he recommended that I think about how I might use the technology idea when writing my grant. Perhaps… Depends on whether Tim comes back with a grant proposal idea tech would fit within.

Lastly – I’ve tried to make it clear that my thesis idea is not about particular gadgets, but about how gadgets in general affect learning about non-technology types of things.  I only mention that because every once in a while, it sounds like someone will get hung up on some new device or technology (ipad, anyone?). I sometimes think my thesis idea is actually more psychology than EE, since it’s all about how the learning happens or doesn’t happen. That idea is a little frightening, since psychology is most definitely not an area I have any expertise in.

I think I’m going to take my lunch break over in the library, and try to get in some Program Evaluation readings. That class is very heavy with the reading.


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