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Google Maps for Bicycles!

This is great – Google recently added bicycling as one of their options when looking for directions when using Google Maps.

For the most part, it won’t change much for me, at least for the near-term future. But it’s great to see the increasing visibility of bicycling and bike commuting.

They have also added an available overlay, which shows bicycle lanes in the area. So I looked at Duluth. Here is my favorite bike line, according to Google:

The Short Green Line

It look like this one begins and ends pretty quickly. Kinda makes me wonder where the lane data is coming from…

Here is what the interface looks like, after plugging in my proposed start/end:

It gives three options: via Snively, Superior St. or London Rd., and approximate times for each possible route. Again, I wonder how they decided on times, since speed varies drastically. But here’s what’s cool – when you invert the route, the times go way down… because you’re going downhill, I guess!

Kudos to Google on this one.


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