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Deer Kill

Deer Kill

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Several months ago, I was reading a post from Twin Cities Naturalist about looking inside a deer’s stomach. I thought that was very interesting, so it was neat to see my own, albeit in a different season.

This was back between the trails on the Amity Creek side of Lester Park. There are deer beds everywhere back there, as well as a number of deer stands, both active and defunct. And when I say a number, I would say at least 25, which is a lot of deer stands, especially when you consider that this is all in city limits (no firearm hunting) in a relatively small park area.

Anyway, at this site, there was deer hair strewn all over the place, and then this deer in the midst of it. Looking at the head, it’s seems like it died relatively recently, but I don’t know enough forensics to guess how it died. Plus I had the dog along, and I didn’t feel the need to get close enough for her to roll in the carcass, as she loves to do.

I suppose it’s possible that this was taken by wolves, but that just doesn’t seem like the best first guess. Mostly, since this is a moderately well-traveled section of park (although less so at the moment, since it’s wet and mucky) and it’s on the residential side of Lester Park.


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