The Outside World, In and Around Duluth


I ditched the homework this afternoon and wandered down by the Lester River to see all the people, drunk with vitamin D. Soon, I was one of them.

There’s still a little ice under the Superior St. bridge. Not much, but on a 70°F day, it’s still fun to see:

There was a guy who caught a big fish just below the Lester Park stone footbridge. It was big enough that I was shocked to see that any fish that big made it through the gauntlet of rapids and fisherpeople. Well, made it until that point.

The willows were either about to bloom, or blooming hard. This one was in full-on mode:

I love this picture – blushing possibility:

And then, one day… poof!

I predict this spring will be long and glorious. Heck, it already is!


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