The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Spring Wildflowers

On the edges of the Hawk Ridge meadow this past weekend, we found lots of wildflowers. Okay, not lots, but six. I think our dry spring may have slowed the profusion, but even so, it was fun to get out and explore.

And you know – just for the record, I am just having a hoot of a time finding things, taking pictures and sharing them. I’m certainly not encyclopedic in my knowledge, but I make up for it in enthusiasm! Thank goodness for field guides and time…

We brought along two field guides: Newcomb’s and Oslund’s “What’s Doin’ the Bloomin’?.” The latter isn’t as precise, but it has great, full-color photos, is seasonally organized and locally-specific. With Newcomb’s if you take the time, you’ll get it right. With Oslund’s, you don’t have to spend the time keying things out. My daughter had Oslund’s, and I had Newcomb’s, and between the two of us, we identified everything we found.

There were lots of loose clusters of wood anemone:

Here’s another wood anemone, but with pink sepals:

The wood anemone were in clumps with different numbers of petals (sepals) – five, six or seven. We scratched our heads for a while, but I guess, since they aren’t really petals, the rules are a bit more relaxed.

Downy yellow violet:

Wood strawberry:

After we found this one, we all got to hankering for some fresh berries. Mmmm.

We meandered over to the Amity Creek and found some marsh marigold, but there was no big profusion that I would have expected. Again, I’m blaming it on a dry spring.

Here’s a downy blue violet that hadn’t yet popped open:

This was a little tougher for Oslund, since the flower wasn’t open, but between the two of us, we got it.

It’ll be interesting to see what wildflowers are out on Isle Royale, which is farther north and colder, but far less disturbed. Fun to see if they are ahead of us, behind us, or if they are going in a whole different direction.


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