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Lester Park School Construction

I was riding up to school this afternoon, and I decided to ride on Oneida Street. On the way, I passed by the site of the new Lester Park Elementary School – Holy cow!

Now, normally I travel along Glenwood, which has hidden the scope of the changes that have been happening right under my nose!

This is what the school and surrounding area looked like about a month ago:

View from Microsoft Maps

And this is what it looks like today. Basically, everything in the above view is gone, up to this bluff that’s newly dug out:

Looking at the school, there’s an enormous pile of sand:

The sand is really all you will see from Glenwood. So if I understand the construction schedule, the bluff is where the new school will nestle. Where the current school sits will be the new playground. And the kids will be in the old school until the new one is done, then they’ll all troop over and occupy the new one, while the old school is demolished.

Ch-ch-ch-changes in the Lester Park neighborhood and D-town.


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