The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Weekend Walkabout at Little Alden Lake

I was out at Little Alden Lake over the weekend.

Before dinner, Maya and I took a walk to see what we could see. Right away, we found the usual suspects:

Northern Downy Violet

But then I ran into the first question. I have no idea about this one. Moss? Fern? Well, it’s pretty, whatever it is:

Maya and I found a super-thick (2+ feet!) moss carpet which was fun. I wanted to just lay down, it was so spongy.

Along the driveway on the way back, I found a few more wildflowers:

Round Lobed Hepatica?

I actually had a tough time identifying this one. I mean the chewed petals didn’t help, but there’s enough left that you can tell what they should look like. And as far as round-lobed or sharp-lobed… I took the picture and did the ID on this one when I got home, which is better than nothing, but… when you compare it to the next one, I start to have doubts.

Round Lobed Hepatica

This one is much easier to tell. The curious thing about this and the above picture is the difference in petal shape. The chewed-up flower’s picture shows longer petals that don’t overlap. However, looking online at lots of pictures, it seems like this variation is acceptable. Well, I’ll go with it for now.

Back at the feeder, I saw eight different species of birds in just a few minutes. The house or purple finches and pine siskins were by far the most prevalent, but there were lots of others – rose breasted grosbeak, downy woodpecker, red-breasted nuthatch, and lots of others.

Here’s an American goldfinch trying to get in on the action:

I like how the pine siskin is barking at the goldfinch here:

I don’t know – house finch or purple finch?

I want to say purple, but I could be convinced the other way, too.

Nice way to spend an afternoon.


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