The Outside World, In and Around Duluth

Lester Park Neighborhood Construction Update

There’s a lot going on around Lester Park right now.

Most exciting to me is the Lakewalk Extension:

Just Below Jubilee

Of all the projects that have been happening in Duluth, the Lakewalk seems to be one that is universally lauded. Everyone likes it. I think it’s great, having a safe place to run/walk/ride. I will definitely be using the Lakewalk (and already have, where it currently starts down by Sammy’s Pizza) to ride to work.

Going past Jubilee, I wanted to see what they were doing with the Lester River Bridge, right before London Road pours out onto Highway 61. A couple years ago, a trucker had a heart attack at the wheel and died, and his truck crashed into the lake side of this bridge. I assumed that MNDoT fixed everything that needed fixing at that time, but obviously not. They have removed the road down to the foundation and are rebuilding everything, as well as redoing all the brickwork. This is the upstream side of the bridge:

Access Denied

On the downstream side, they’ve placed ‘turbidity abatement’ devices, also known as ‘Tough Guy Type 2’:

Tough Guy 2.0

It’s kind of funny seeing these analogs to the huge oil containment booms being used along the Gulf Coast. These are maybe 16′ long, and hardly seem like they would be stopping much of anything. I’m suppose a token effort is better than no effort at all.

And lastly, here’s a nice picture of a feather, floating out into the big lake:

Feather Sailboat


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